Wedding Party



Denece Thompson, Sister
Dee is the best big sister that I could have ever asked for. When I look back in my life and think of one of the strongest women I know, I think of Denece. She has a huge heart and would help anyone, regardless if she knew the person or not. Thank you Dee for giving me someone to look up to not only as a sister, but as a wife, mother and friend. I love you.

Niki Hamann, Sister
Nik is very close in age with me…only a year and a half…To me, it feels like Nik is beyond her years. Nik I admire your heart of gold with a splash of “tell it how it is”. I am taking notes sister and am very proud of the woman you’ve become. Thank you for always watching over me and also for all of your effort in making our family events fun and memorable. You truly know how important family really is. I love you!

Michelle Jones, Sister
God gave me a sister that was born at the same time as me..well 5 minutes later! A sister that always knows what I’m thinking and will make me laugh until it hurts! We pretty much had our own baby language my mom says before we could even talk! Shell is a person that has always understood and believed in me…I admire her patience and persistence and am so glad I am a twin! Love you Shell Bell!

Jeneil Morretino
I met Jeneil when I was 12 years old and we clicked automatically. She truly understands who I am and my quarks. She makes me laugh each time I see her, regardless of what kind of the day I’ve had. I turn into a 12 year old every time I hang out with her and I love her for that! I also know it will always be this way! I Love you Jen!

Connie Hurley
Con Man! I also met Connie at 12 and knew I found a friend for life. She is smart, funny and not afraid to be herself. I am at home when I am around Connie..she is one of the most genuine people I know and has a huge heart. She rarely has anything negative to say about anyone. I’m positive we’ll be friends for life! Love you Con!

Ashley Boek
I met Ash on the softball field when I was 13 and knew we’d be friends. Some of the best times we’ve had so far is on softball road trips, making silly home videos or peanut butter shakes! She is one of the best listeners I know and I admire her composure and determination in any situation. I’m so proud of her! Thank you for always being there for me Ash! Friends for life! I love you!


Kevin Lundberg:
Kevin and I met long ago in Jr. High. We became good friends in High School playing baseball. A couple years after High School we drove all the way out to Denver Colorado in Kevin’s Tacoma and went to College. After college, we moved back to Redding and became roomates yet again. At least once a week we play golf and watch the Braves Lose. Just kidding Kevin. They lose at least twice a week.

Chris Wilson:
Chris is one of the Jaxon Way boys. We met when we were about 8 years old and became close friends. Growing up the the same neighborhood, you can only imagine all the trouble Chris and I got in. After High School Chris moved away to school in Marin where I would visit him every few months. Chris and I still see each other every once in a while in the old neighborhood, and see each other much more ofter in our new neighborhoods.

Dan Quintana:
Dan and I use to see each other in passing a long time before we became friends. Dan’s cousins lived in the same neighborhood that I grew up in and I would see him every once in a while. We became good friends while playing football freshman year. All through High School Dan and I would go to the Ski Park after class and go night boarding. It was one of those nights that I forgot my favorite pair of Birkenstocks. After coming back from College, Dan, Kevin, Jason and I moved in together and was deemed the best bachelor pad in Redding by many people. Dan and I have remained very good friends and hang out often.

Ronnie Montarbo:
Ronnie and I met Freshman year of High School. We became good friends playing football that year. Even though we didn’t win a game our Junior and Senior year we still found a way to have fun. After High School we both stayed in Redding and would hang out almost everyday. Those were the good days. Drinking 40’s of King Cobra and sitting by the pool.

Jason Zaballos:
Jason is another one of the Jaxon Way boys. Jason, My Brother and I use to play home run derby daily with a tennis ball and a $20 bat from Kmart. Even though it was 110 degrees outside we didn’t care. After moving back from College, Jason, Dan, Kevin and I moved in together. I still remember the fires we made out of Manzanita and Pallets. I still can’t believe that we didn’t burn that house down. Jason is like a big brother, he has always been there for me.

Robbie Jellison:
I met Robbie in Jr. High. We became good friends in High School playing Football and Baseball. One of my favorite trips to this day was going to Great America with Robbie and Dan. We got lost on the way to Dan’s Aunts house. What should have taken 4 hours ended up taking us 8. Remember, this is before Google Maps and Smart Phones. Robbie currently lives in Fresno and makes trips out to Redding every once in a while to play Golf with the boys.